• Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship worldwide!

  • How much is the shipping fee?

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  • Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping options when you purchase above a certain amount. Please refer to this chart and look for Free Shipping Threshold.

  • Do you have a store or somewhere I can pick up my order to avoid shipping fees in Montreal?

We do not have a store or a show room at the moment, you would have to purchase from our website online. Please refer to this link for our free shipping thresholds.

  • Do you offer discounts? 

No our products do not go on sale except when an item is almost sold out and only few pieces/sizes are left. We are an ethical & sustainable brand so our profit margins do not allow for regular discounts. 

  • Where are your activewear made?

Our activewear are designed and produced in Canada and in Colombia in ethical factories.

  • Which size should I choose?

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  • Does the top have a modest fit?

Yes all our products are made with a modest fit.

  • Is your activewear breathable? 

Yes all our clothing are made from lightweight and breathable material which has sweat-wicking properties and anti-bacterial properties. Most of our clients describe our tops are a ''second skin''. You won't feel like you are a wearing a full coverage top but you are!

  • What payment methods do you have?

We offer secure payment methods through Paypal, Apple Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card and Sezzle.

  • What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a payment system that allows you to pay the total of your order in four instalments, interest free. It allows you to place your order and pay later. 

  • Can I return or exchange items?

Yes we have an easy 30 days return/exchange policy. Click here to learn more

  • Why are the prices "high"?

Every product that we create is made out of the highest quality of fabric and embed with the latest sportswear technology. At Dignitii we did not want to compromise on the quality of our products to offer lower prices as we know that a performing & comfortable workout gear is essential. Buying a cheap and low quality product is not cost effective long term as it will not endure the test of time. Our activewear is piling resistant which means that it will look new even after several washes. Buying from Dignitii is like an investment in your fitness journey. We promise that you will not be disappointed in the quality, the design and the performance of our products. 

Furthermore, we are an ethical company which means that we pay fair wages to our employees in a safe and healthy environment and we only use fabric treatments that are environmentally friendly. Our fabrics are certified by the American Environmental Agency and comply with the OEKO-TEX standards. Buying from Dignitii is contributing to sustainable fashion. 

  • How do I contact you?
The best way to reach us is by email at info@dignitii.com. We will reply to you within 2 business days.